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My dearest one,

I am not an absent father.  I am never too busy to make time for you, and I truly care about everything that matters to you. Come to me with all of your concerns, burdens and cares. You can never bother me and no request is ever too big or too small.  I do not want you to spend your life worrying or being afraid, for I am with you wherever you go. I completely understand your heart and I even speak its language like no one else can. I see you, hear you, and know your deepest desires. My greatest desire is to spend time with you and for you to be so close to me that you can hear my heartbeat. So come to me, let me share my heart with you and I will make all things new!

With love from the One Who Cares for You,



Matthew 21:22, Joshua 1:9, Revelation 21:5