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My dearest one,


Healing often comes in layers. As a tree earns rings as it ages; you like the tree can gain layers of pain. I know that you are often frustrated with me because you don’t always feel or see your healing. Please know that I never slumber or sleep and am always working on your behalf. Healing is not always linear or complete in one step. Just like the tree takes years to gain all of its rings, your layers of pain take time to unravel. Pain is a common denominator that connects all of humanity. I am not unaware or disconnected from your suffering. I know and completely understand. I share in your tears, but unlike you I also know your future. Don’t lose hope even when the waves of life seem overwhelming. Know that the creator of the waves, holds you in my hand and I will never allow you to drown.


With love from your ever present healer,




Psalm 121:4, Jeremiah 29:11, John 5:17