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My dearest one,

I am still a miracle working God. I did not just perform miracles in the past and then suddenly stop. I am always doing something new, and I take great pleasure in creating things and providing answers when they aren’t any left. Are you ill or have you received a diagnosis from your doctor that has left you feeling concerned? Know that one word out of my mouth can heal your entire being. One move of my hand can bring down any intimidating mountain in your life! I love to show off for my family and want you to know that there is nothing that you may be currently facing that I cannot or will not help you with! Come to me with anything that concerns you and I will give you rest! My greatest desire is to see you set free from any obstacle that comes across your path! There is nothing too big or too small that I cannot save you from! I am still a miracle working God!

With love and peace Papa,



Jeremiah 32:27, Luke 18:27, Ephesians 3:20, Matthew 11:28-30