The Journey Begins

My name is Katie Joerg. Welcome to my blog! In 2012 I began this process. I was in a very difficult place in my life. I was having many challenges in my health that doctors could not find any solutions to. I had stopped teaching school which I had done for 12 years. I felt lost because my entire identity was wrapped up in teaching. My finances, marriage and relationship with God were rocky. Fortunately, I was in an environment where people were talking about their personal encounters with God. At this point I was desperate. Either God was real or he wasn’t. I needed change, healing, and direction for my life. I decided that every day I would sit and listen and wait for God to speak to me. The amazing thing was that he actually came. He talked to me in that still small voice and I wrote what he shared with me almost every day for an entire year. I want to share with you what some of the things that he showed me. I am just your average human person. I hold no honorary titles or degrees in theology or seminary. I do hope that my experiences with God will encourage you as you navigate your own.